GMTA Theory Tests

GMTA is dedicated to providing recognition for outstanding achievement in music theory. GMTA's Theory Tests include five levels of testing (I, II, III, IV, and V) that each involve both written and aural (ear training) sections. The tests are distributed in the fall and administered on one or more dates set by each Local Association. The graded tests will be returned to the teachers of the students who take the tests, along with a certificate for each student acknowledging his or her level of achievement on the test.

PDF **UPDATED 2017** Guidelines -- GMTA Theory Tests (PDF, revised 2017)
PDF Curriculum -- GMTA Theory Tests (PDF, revised 2010)
PDF Instructions for Online GMTA Theory Test Registrations

Ear Training Audio Files

Level 1 Ear Training (MP3, 15 MB)
Level 2 Ear Training (MP3, 12 MB)
Level 3 Ear Training (MP3, 13 MB)
Level 4 Ear Training (MP3, 13 MB)
Level 5 Ear Training (MP3, 13 MB)

Theory Results

PDF 2010-2011 GMTA Theory Tests Results
PDF 2011-2012 GMTA Theory Tests Results
PDF 2013-2014 GMTA Theory Tests Results
PDF 2014-2015 GMTA Theory Tests Results
PDF 2015-5016 GMTA Theory Tests Results

Theory Contacts

GMTA Theory Tests Administrator: Diane Boyd
(912) 414-5972

GMTA Theory Chair: Jason Bennett
(706) 372-3005