Whether you are a seasoned professional or new teacher, membership in Music Teachers National Association can complement your professional life. Since 1876, MTNA has been the undisputed leader in empowering the music-teaching professional.

MTNA serves as a "clearinghouse" for busy professionals, giving its members pertinent, important information and programs. As an MTNA member, you will associate with the very best in the profession from throughout the United States, and you will have access to many networking, leadership, mentoring and educational opportunities.

MTNA also provides programs for students of all ages and levels of ability-the budding young artist, the "everyday" student or an older "recreational" music maker.

Georgia Music Teachers Association (GMTA) is an affiliate of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and membership is necessary in both organizations (state and national).

PDF GMTA Membership Brochure

PDF MTNA Membership Brochure

Membership Benefits Include:

  • GMTA State Conference and MTNA National Conference.
  • American Music Teacher and the MTNA e-Journal--The peer-reviewed journals of MTNA.
  • GMTA and MTNA Competitions--The preeminent student competitions in the state of Georgia and the United States.
  • MTNA Certification Program--Information on becoming a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.
  • MTNA Foundation Fund--Grants and awards MTNA provides for teachers and students.
  • Professional Support Line--Ask an MTNA expert your questions about music teaching or studio issues.
  • Member Insurance Programs--Insurance services available only to MTNA members.
  • Legal Consultation Services--Free legal consultation about issues members face as music teachers.
  • Merchant Services--Enables members to accept credit cards as payment.

How to Join

The membership year begins each July 1 and runs through June 30 of the following year. GMTA members must also join the national association, Music Teachers National Association.

Active Member MTNA/GMTA State dues are as follows:

  • Join between July 1 and December 31: $91 (National) + $48 (State)
  • Join between January 1 and June 30 (new members only): $45.50 (National) + $24 (State)

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In addition to your national and state membership, GMTA encourages members to join one of our local associations to network with teachers in your area! See our Local Associations page to find an affiliated organization near you.