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GMTA Teacher of the Year

Arlene Broadhurst Martinides created this image in memory of her mother Joan Broadhurst, a long-time GMTA member.

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Read about Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

This award is presented annually to a member of GMTA in recognition of lifetime achievement as a music teacher, with excellence in teaching, musicianship, professional activity, and service to the community and/or state. Any GMTA member may nominate any other GMTA member for the Teacher of the Year. The GMTA Teacher of the Year will be selected from nominated applicants and entered in the MTNA Teacher of the Year competition.

The following information will be required:

  • Teaching/professional achievement
  • Number of years of teaching experience
  • Evidence of teaching excellence (i.e. students' successes)
  • Accomplishments/contributions to MTNA
  • Participation in local, state, and/or national MTNA programs
  • Community involvement
  • Former student and/or parent letter(s) of support
  • Professional colleague letter(s) of support
  • Nominating letter from the state organization

Nominations must be submitted by the second Monday in September.

The recipient of the award will submit the following via e-mail:
Once the recipient of the award is notified that individual will be asked to submit a photo and a two-page document focusing on one or several teaching tips that he/she has found to be very useful over the years. This document may or may not include musical examples. Teaching Tips from the selected Teacher of the Year will be included online at the GMTA web site.

Teacher of the Year Online Nomination Form

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About the Nominee

Full Name of Nominee
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# of Years Teaching Experience
Describe the nominee's teaching or professional achievements:
Describe the nominee's participation in, and/or contributions to, local, state, or national MTNA programs:
Describe the nominee's community involvement:
Provide evidence of teaching excellence, such as students' successes:
In addition to the above information, you must provide the following documents to GMTA to complete your application:
1. Former student or parent letter(s) of support
2. Professional colleague letter(s) of support