Georgia Auditions Theory Exam (GATE)

The Georgia Auditions Theory Exams are a required component of GMTA's Auditions competition and support GMTA's belief that excellent performers are also knowledgeable performers. Each GMTA Auditions participant in the category of piano or piano concerto must take and pass the appropriate level test at his or her local association unless granted an exemption. The GATEs include three levels of testing (A, B, and C). Levels A and B are multiple choice, and Level C includes both multiple choice and handwritten responses.

PDF GATE Curriculum - Levels A-C (rev 2015-07-30)
PDF Gate Exemption List 2022-2023 (by Teacher Name)-updated 1/12/2023
PDF GATE Information for Teachers
PDF GATE Practice Tests A-C (revised 1/26/18)
PDF How to Earn EXEMPTIONS from the Georgia Auditions Theory Exams (GATEs)
PDF Instructions for Online GATE Registrations

Theory Contacts for All Regions

GATE Administrator Colette Keogh, NCTM
(706) 830-8736
GMTA Theory Chair Diane Boyd, NCTM
(912) 414-5972

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